Get a free sun-tek visor added to your new windshield!


Typical Same Day Install

  • We secure basic information on you and your vehicle.
  • Insurance claim with our support takes minutes to establish.
  • Parts are available within hours locally.
  • Your BMW gets glass same day ... 
  • Another Happy Customer!

Parts Special Order

  • Job requires Special Order Parts not available for same day service.
  • Delay can be 24 hrs to 5 days.
  • All OEM parts require "prior approval" before installation.

Random Inspection prior to installation required by Carrier

  • Insurance companies have the right to a physical inspection of damaged glass and may require this event.
  • Typical delay is 24 hrs and some stretch out several days.  
  • Inspections are rarely waived save a special occasion.  


Coordinated Glass Service at your favorite Dealership

  • Customer's glass replacement is aligned with other mechanical service work to a service date/time at your dealership. 
  • You may qualify for a loaner or rental vehicle for the duration of service. 
  • Job is completed on a mobile basis at your favorite dealership's location.

Out of Town Customers

  • Insurance claim is fully approved prior to your departure.
  • Parts are in hand at our shop. 
  • You are traveling to us, we have one shot to get it right. 
  • Customers from surrounding areas such as Flagstaff, Prescott, Sedona, Casa Grande, Tucson, Tombstone and border towns have benefited from our ability to make this scenario happen over and over and over. 

Complications and Beyond

  • Any number of complications can delay or void completion of the job. 
  • Networks have created a quagmire workflow of ridiculous complexity that at times can seem insurmountable. 
  • Experience makes the difference behind the scenes to resolve the claims process. 
  • Please let us help you with these details. 
  • We fight the battle for you.