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2019 bmw m5 competition


“You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.” ― Andy Warhol


It’s the M5 Competiton’s supercar side that’s most interesting, though. Despite its generous dimensions and profuse poundage, this car can seemingly defy the laws of physics and keep up with, if not embarrass, actual supercars.

 Despite a starting price of $110,000, the M5 Competition we serviced was loaded with another $20,000 worth of options. The most expensive was carbon ceramic brakes, which commanded the princely sum of $8,500. Next up was a $4,000 Executive package that included many features a wealthy buyer might expect to be included – things such as sun shades, wireless charging, a surround-view monitor, and, no joke, heated seats. Lastly, BMW charged another $1,700 for its Driving Assistance Plus package, which includes Active Driving Assistant Plus. This is BMW’s most advanced semi-autonomous drive system, though it’s a few steps behind Tesla’s and Cadillac’s in regards to how well it works and in what conditions. At least it’s priced to reflect that. 

 The only negative about the M5 Competition’s performance capabilities is that they can’t be turned down as far as on the regular M5. The Competition-spec model gets stiffer engine mounts, a lower ride height, stiffer springs, and a stronger anti-roll bar. That means when the car’s adjustable demeanor is dialed back to its most comfortable settings, the ride is still a bit stiff. If you want your super sedan’s Jekyll and Hyde sides to be more even, go for the regular M5.  

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2018 BMW X3 G01

2018 BMW X3 Driver Assistance Systems


 The 2018 X3 is like your personal co-pilot with its state-of-the-art driver assistance and semi-automated driving systems. This includes the latest generation of Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go, which can brake the car to a halt in stop-and-go traffic and automatically restart to drive. 

 The Driving Assistance Package offered in the 2018 X3 includes Active Blind Spot Protection, Lane Departure Warning, Daytime Pedestrian Protection, Frontal Collision Warning with City Collision Mitigation, Cross Traffic Alert rear and Speed Limit Info. 

 With the Driving Assistant Plus Package, you’ll get additional comfort features: Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go, Active Lane Keeping Assistant with Side Collision Avoidance, Traffic Jam Assistant, Evasion Aid and Cross Traffic alert front and rear. 

For an even more cutting-edge driving experience, you can get the optional Head-Up Display, which allows the most important driving-related information to be projected directly into the driver’s field of vision. The Head-Up Display in the 2018 X3 is 75% larger than the previous generation model, and is unrivaled in its segment for graphics, resolution and display options. The system also features the Remote 3D View function, which can be used to beam a 360 degree, three-dimensional view of the car’s immediate vicinity directly to a smartphone through the BMW Connected App.




All Options less Climate Comfort

Climate comfort windscreen

Traffic jam assistant

Driving Assistant

Driving Assistant Plus

Active cruise control+stop&go function

Head-up display

Road sign detection

Windscreen, Green, Rain Sensor, HUD Assistant                  

Windscreen, Green, Rain Sensor   HUD                                    

Rubber Buffer                                                                            

Cover, Windshield Top                                                                   

Clip  (12)                                                                                              

Primed Drip Molding Left                                                             

Primed Drip Molding Right                                                           


Driving Assistant Plus will require Calibration


Note: Left and Right Drip Molding are in a "primed" state



2018 750 G12 Windshield and Backglass


Heads Up and Driving Assistant


51 31 7 357 266  Windshield 

51 31 7 357 235   Moldilng 

Executive Drive Pro
Climate comfort windscreen

Driving Assistant
Driving Assistant Plus
Active cruise control+stop&go function
Head-up display

Backglass is laminated

51 31 7 442 876  Backglass

Climate comfort laminated glass
Sun protection glazing





BMW I3 2014 - present


Windshield options

51 31 7 339 047  Non Lane-Departure Windshield

51 31 7 339 061  Lane-Departure Windshield

Upper underside trim

51 31 7 302 233

Clips quantity 16

51 33 7 310 542

Colum Left and Right

51 44 7 369 625  unpainted 

51 44 7 369 626  unpainted 

Seal Left and Right

51 12 7 317 277

51 12 7 317 278

Special light weight glass

Super light weight glass with a cross sectional thickness of just 4mm. This glass is very large, delicate and prone to easy rock damage. The skill set to properly install the I3 front windshield is a "10". No B.S on this. Did you know this BMW (minus range extender) weighs in at 2635 lbs. Over 31,000 have been sold in the United States. We are approaching 100 i3 installs to date!

BMW E34 M5 Restoration Project


Recent estimate to completely replace front windshield with BMW parts including lower cowling.


Parts List

 Windshield OEM         

Decorative Molding    

Decorative Molding    

Cup Center                     

Clamp Clips                    

Covering Cowling        

Covering Cowling        

Expanding Rivet         

Parts Listing

Decorative Molding    

Decorative Molding    

Cup Center                     

Labor for above

Please call for a quote. Also, if you have any custom tint, stickers or issues with rear view mirror, we can discuss. 



BMW Z8 Front Windshield Replacement


Special Order Parts

Windshield         51 31 7 026 013           

Cover                  51 71 8 241 565             

Reveal Mold       51 31 8 232 618               

Labor for this Special BMW

Please call for estimate. We stock the Roadside Assistance sticker also. 





One Really Cool BMW Customer


2006 Neiman Marcus M6 Sells Out in 92 Seconds

 It took a minute and a half for Neiman Marcus to sell out every single one of its special edition BMW M6s. That's no hyperbole; the upscale retailer and caterer to all folks bougie sold all 50 Bimmers, at $139,000 a pop, in 1:32, mostly by phone. Psychologists say the Ruby Black exterior finish accented with Piano Black trim elements, and power sports seats wrapped in a custom Gold Brown shade of supple BMW Individual Merino leather penetrated the psyches of the idle rich, causing a kind of madness called Bimmentia. Go, scarcity economics.

BMW Individual options: Check this out!

Individual equipment:


Sign quot;BMW individualquot

Special Series:

E64 M6 Individual series quot;Neiman

Marcus Editionquot;, KA272  

0490 Special painting

Paintwork quot;ruby

black-metallicquot; (code S23).

Z1XX Special upholstery

Full leather Merino gold brown (nb. 8

023 284)

Sewing thread gold brown (nb. 8 022

052), code 1313 B.

Quilting yarn gold brown (nb. 8 022

051), code 1313 B.

Plastic parts in black.

Seam of front and rear seats according

to M-seats.

Remainder of spec. as full leather

Merino black (code X3SW).

0940 Special equipment on demand

Two distinct lines along the bonnet.

M4 Coupe F82


This is a super cool BMW

Below please find a snapshot of the options and parts related to the front windshield replacement on a loaded up version of BMW's M4 Coupe

Glazing Options

Driving Assistant       

Head-up display       

Road sign detection  

OEM numbers

 Green windscreen            51 31 7 285 901 

 Cover                                  51 31 7 285 915

 Drip moulding                   51 31 7 285 927

 Drip moulding                   51 31 7 285 928

 Bump stop                         51 31 7 288 462

SOUND INSULATION        51 48 7 325 890

Attention: Special Consideration

The Driving Assistant option is your Lane Departure Warning feature and will require Dynamic Calibration. 

The Sound Insulation part above is an absolute necessity: either transfer the existing or replace with new part. Failure to do so will introduce added db into the interior compartment via windshield seal. BMW put it there for a reason, respect their engineering and preserve the fit and finish of this beautiful vehicle. 



M5 S62 (From 01.09.1999) E39 sedan USA


BMW M for Muscle

BMW E39 owners enjoy the robust power of the V8 S62 powerplant. 

OEM Windshield

51 31 7 059 697  Windshield with Rain Sensor

51 31 8 159 784  Three sided upper molding 

51 71 8 159 292  Lower Cowling / Cover 

51 71 8 193 201  Under hood foam stuffer

51 71 8 193 202  Under hood foam stuffer 

We suggest replacing everything touching the perimeter of this windshield, and more.

The harsh Arizona sun and under the hood temperatures just plain kill the molding, lower cover and foam stuffers in the engine compartment. On this vehicle, you pulled the trigger, now reload with new parts and make it perfect again. 




2018 BMW 740


Sixth generation (G11/G12; 2015–present)

Active Lane Keeping Assistant keeps the vehicle in the center of the lane (with your hands on the wheel). This is a true self steering, center preference automated optioned vehicle. Amazing!

BMW Glazing Parts

Climate comfort windscreen     

Driving Assistant                           

Driving Assistant Plus                  

Active Guard                                  

Active cruise controlstop&go   

Head-up display                            

OEM parts

51 31 7 357 266      

51 31 7 357 235           

Dynamic Calibration

Please check with us for Opti-Aim Calibration services related to this feature. 



M3 Sedan F30


BMW F30/F31/F34/F35

Windscreen with grey wedge   

Lane departure warning            

Driving Assistant                          

Head-up display                           

Road sign detection                    

BMW parts

Windscreen, green rain sensor HUD KAFAS          

Windshield adhesive kit                                               

Cover, windshield                                                          

Drip moulding, left                                                        

Drip moulding                                                                

Cleaner R1 100ML                                                          

Cover, windshield, top                                                 

Bump stop                                                                       


SOUND INSULATION L=1430MM                             

Special Consideration

BMW does not include the above "grey wedge" option with either the HUD or Driving Assistant options. Driving Assistant will require Opti-Aim calibration. The Sound Insulation is adhered to the glass, either transfer or replace with new. 

This is a fully loaded version of the F30.