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With modern technology such as Heads Up Display, Driving Assistant and Roadsign Detection becoming standard equiptment in the current generation of BMW's, the skill level and knowledge to properly service these vehicles is limited to those shops whom are properly qualified through various certification programs and have a direct affiliation with BMW of North America. Autoglass Services is this shop!

Our Services

We specialize in the BMW brand: The Ultimate Driving Machine


Mobile or in shop service, we have done thousands of jobs over the years and continue to provide a unique specialized service for The Ultimate Driving Machine in Arizona. We partner with our local BMW dealership with a unique relationship that benefits the BMW customer in convenience and retains your factory support. 

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Calibrations via Opti-Aim Technology


 Certified by Pilkington Opti-Aim we can perform both static and dynamic re-calibrations to Advanced Driver Assistance optioned vehicles. Our original Autoglass Services Patent Pending Laser Alignment jigs are state of the art accurate and coupled with our laser ground shop floors we have an OEM blueprint for success.

Windshields, Windscreens, door, side, quarter, back and vent glass


 Proper glass installation techniques which include "urethane on glass" requires absolute precision placement of expensive, oversize and delicate glass. We have identified the requirement of two bodies with four hands to replicate an OEM quality installation. The formation height, width and pattern of urethane adhesives are critical to a successful installation and are specified by the manufacturer.

Insurance Claims Assistance


Dealing with Networks and third-party administrators for automotive glass claims is a standard operating procedure. This is where experience matters, having a helping hand navigate the claim can assist and guide you along the way. 

Reconditioning your Windshield


Our services have included professional repairs since our first day in business over thirty five years ago. There is art and science with a magic touch; experience matters! There are no do-overs , either you get it right the first time or abandoned the effort. 

SunTek Coolsight 90 Ceramic Clear


When Arizona summer peaks dashboard temps in parked cars can reach 170 degrees as measured with a digital temp gun.  Adding this amazing product to your new glass will render a huge difference in comfort as your interior will cool down faster, stay cool longer and retain no loss of visible light. Another interesting non advertised benefit it the acoustic "thud" sound with tint vs. "tick" without. An amazing product that works!

What our customers are saying:

Chris C. 2016 BMW X5 on 04-04-2018

  "Hey Mark - the repair guys just left and they couldn't have been nicer!  Thx so much for getting 'em here so quickly and I'll touch base over the next couple of days.  I'll certainly recommend you to everyone I know !" 

April 10, 2018: Paul G.

 " Perfect job as usual... Thanks! " 

Porsche 911 C2S customer feedback after our installation:

 "It appears that was the culprit! The cabin seems quieter, and gives it a very solid feel! Job well done! Give your guys an attaboy!!!" 

Parker B.


"Mark, wow! Brad and Tom did great. 

Thanks for the great work. 

I'm referring you guys to familiy and friends for sure."

Jackie O.


" Your guys were professional AND friendly. 

Thanks for working with me!"

Aslisha E.


Hello.  I suggested the tint strip.  Was it the right decision? This is my Quality Control survey.   


"Absolutely! I love it!"

Jeffrey S.

Mark, Some quick feedback:

Tom and Brad did a great job. 

They were knowledgeable of BMW processes and very accommodating to my preferences. I was so impressed, I am switching glass companies to yours. I have your business card so you will likely be hearing from me soon. 

We are a BMW family (3 cars). Please share with the guys. 

Have a great afternoon!

Mark M. 2015 BMW M3 full Ceramic Sun Tek Coolsight 90

 Hope the difference is obvious, today you spent a good deal of time in your M3 ... what do you think? 

...  Yea! First off your guys are awesome, super cool and fast. I was impressed. 

That tint is noticeable immediately, I love it! 

Thanks for the recommendation. 

Troy and Dori

 Mark, we LOVE the tinted windshield! It is awesome! 

07-22-2019 2018 BMW X5 Lee C. OEM HUD & Driving Assistant WITH MOBILE CALIBRATION OF ADAS OPTIONS

Your guys were prompt, pleasant & quick - thank you! 


2018 BMW 640 GT


Mark and his team are by far the most knowledgeable, dedicated and detailed especially when it comes to BMW glass. 
Autoglass Services replaced my brand new windshield installed by another local company because it was crooked, sat too high, damaged moldings, and more. 
When Autoglass Services finished the car it looked like it had been installed by the BMW factory. 
Absolutely perfect and all the right parts. Very impressed and will always take my cars here, no where else.


About your BMW

Click below for the best online BMW VIN decoder. Just enter your full Vehicle Identification Number. A full listing of all your options appear. The items below are directly related to your windshield. 

  •  Windscreen with grey wedge
  •  Windscreen, green-tinted upper strip
  •  Climate comfort windscreen
  •  Sun protection glazing
  •  Lane departure warning                                                    
  •  Rain sensor 
  •  Head-up display 
  •  Individual sunshade glazing
  •  Road sign detection 



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